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Chinese culture in Indonesian batik

China's cultural influence on life on earth has experienced archipelago since the 13th century and grew until the people of China began to make batik in the early 19th century.
The influence of China in the era of style and affects various batik motifs that gave birth to blend oriental batik art and beautiful archipelago.
Acculturation cultures since hundreds of years ago and continues to grow until now, increasingly felt as the opening of the ethnic communities the opportunity to express their culture Tionghoa.
The people of China when it established settlements, especially on full moon, an important port on the island of Java, such as Indramayu, Cirebon, Pekalongan, Lasem and Tuban, mingled with the indigenous population.
They even have a marriage pelakukan culture, and produce offspring called "hybrid".
Uniquely, the archipelago of ethnic China still take their customs, religion and culture of their ancestral land by synchronized with the local culture.
Many of China's ethnic dress eventually follow local dress. The women mengenekan batik sarong, while men wore batik celama of materials.
This is what led to the emergence of batik-batik creations with decoration that comes from the culture of China.
China is a kind of batik batik made by the people of China or half-breed who at first show patterns with ornamental animals Ragan China myth, like dragons, noon phoenix (phoenix), turtles, Kilin (lion-headed dog) , and the gods and goddesses Kong Hu Chu.
There is also a variety of decorative ceramics originating from ancient China, as well as mega-shaped decoration with red or red and blue.
"In the 1910s, China developed a mengandug batik decoration buketan or flowers, because China Batik Batik patterns influenced the Dutch at that time were selling in the market," said Asti Suryo, Assistant Manager of the Museum Curator Danar Hadi Batik Solo.
Religious Equipment
People Skill China trade and the persistence in trying, finally allows them to put batik as export eyes.
"They can be said is the first environment to develop as a batik fashion needs and styles of dress and batik patterns in their environment, so was born what is called Batik China," he said.
Besides the clothing materials, most of which they produce batik used as a religious perengkapan, such as the altar cloth (tok-wi) and tablecloths (cans-li).
Batik sarong sarong-they make a batik-batik with a pattern that looks very similar to the decorative patterns on textiles or ceramics China, such as latticework which symbolizes happiness, or bats symbolizing good fortune.
In its development, China Batik patterns reveal a more diverse, including patterns of decoration with the influence of Batik Palace as seen in Batik Two State and Three State.
Batik China Region includes the development of coastal and inland areas with the nuances that influenced the environment. These areas are Cirebon, Pekalongan, Lasem, Demak and Kudus.
Lasem famous for its scarves lokcan (phoenix) as the main decoration, while the Demak and Kudus has the characteristic of the background Isen, among others, "sinawur grain", "DELE intelligence" and "mrutu sewu".
Pekalongan as the presence of companies Batik China, producing works "best" as Oey Soe Tjoen, The Tie Siet, Oey Kok Sing and others, have characterized the affected products Dutch culture.
Yet China made batik they contain China philosophical value. This is consistent with those adopted by schools of China, that age determines what is used.
Batik China now has left his tracks in the world perbatikan Indonesia and known for batik work is a masterpiece of Indonesian batik, he said.
Batik Printing
"Batik still owned by the Indonesian people, what happens in the development of batik was only influenced art and culture, but the batik is also the nations of our own," said Diana Santosa, SE Manager PT Danar Hadi Solo.
So although batik motif China has developed in Indonesia, in China's own State there is no written or stamped batik is made like in Indonesia.
"In China it was the only batik printing as well as what is made in Indonesia and was also most orders from Indonesian traders, because it is cheaper in China," said Diana Santosa SE renowned batik businessman's daughter in Indonesia.
Batik Danar Hadi three years ago most used by men, but now it no longer. "Consumers today the daughter of a significant increase," he said.
"Demand batik clothing for women in knaikan where we have 100 percent more, until we find it difficult to tailor a woman, to meet consumer demand," he said.
The implementation of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA), for PT Danar Hadi no problem. ACFTA is a challenge that must be addressed properly.
"So textiles from China that went to Indonesia instead of batik as we have it, but that batik textile. Batik as we have with batik printing is clearly very different," he explained.
To address these issues PT Batik Danar Hadi Solo also continue to seek a breakthrough in marketing and maintaining the presence of Indonesian batik eksitensi which has been recognized as a world cultural heritage.
PT Batik Danar Hadi began on 6-13 February 2010 will hold a festival and at the same Batik China Batik exhibition at the Museum of Ancient Chinese Batik Danar Hadi Solo to the public, said Public Relations and Communication Consultan event Febri R. v. H. Dipokusumo.
The event was in addition to day visits the museum is also in order to welcome the Lunar New Year 2010. At this event will be exhibited batik-patterned batik China culture. And the exhibition will be held collections of Ancient China Batik PT Batik Danar Hadi.
H. Owner of PT Santosa Doellah Danar Hadi Batik batik has a collection of Ancient China 2800, including a 200-year-old who will be on display it.
Through this exhibition of batik younger generation are expected to know the long journey of batik in Indonesia.

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Bogor Botanical Garden wide 111 ha, was established in 1817 with a collection of around 20,000 species of plant botanical garden is famous in the world. In the City area, there is the Bogor Palace This unique. In addition to Golf Bogor Raya with his palace.whose unique, in the Bogor region, there are many other attractions, namely the inscription Batutulis, Lake Lido, Safari Park and Telaga Color in the Peak area, hot water or Ciseeng exuberance of Mount Salak. Including in the area of tourism to the Bogor City is Cibodas, Nature Reserve of Mount Gede, Mount Padang, Cipanas Palace, which is located at Jalan Raya Cipanas-Cianjur. Now tourism objects in the Bogor region increases with the opening of the Park Cilengsi -Mekarsari Fruit and Flower Park archipelago.

Bogor city also recognized with Asinan, Tales and crafts from the horn while Cianjur popular with the candy industry.



Bogor municipality known as the "City of Rain", covers the breadth 21.56 km2 and is located 60 km from the city. Bogor municipality is surrounded by mountain Salak, and Pangrango and mauntain gede, and is located on 106o48 'East Longitude and 60o39' Latitude South, with a minimum height of 190 m and a maximum of 330

m above sea level.

Humidity less than 40% with an average temperature of 26o C and rainfall Rat-average 3,500 mm to 4,000 mm annually. Bogor municipality can be reached from Jakarta through the freeway Jagorawi within 30 minutes, or with the Jabotabek Power Train departs every 6 minutes both from Jakarta and Bogor. Meanwhile, from Bandung, the city of Bogor can be achieved with a four-wheeled vehicles within less than 3 hours.

Art of the puppet show, gamelan gamelan, cianjuran, Calung, pencak entertainment, Jenaka Sudanese and others. Souvenirs that can be obtained, namely goods, handicrafts made of horn, canary, rattan, silver, bamboo and puppet show.

From the fruits of this region, such as pineapple, taro, bananas and other .Dapat obtained in the market or at the vendor along the road outside the city of Bogor to Cipanas.

Objects and TOUR

I. Bogor Palace

Established by the Governor General of the Netherlands, Baron Gustaaf Willem Van Imhoff, 1745, as a health resort at the end of the week and on holidays, and given the name Buitenzorg. And then used as the official residence of the governor general and government officials since the Dutch East Indies, 1870 to 1942. Has become one of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia. Palace extent that 24 hectares had been held by a Five State Conference (India, Pakistan, Burma, Ceylon and Indonesia) in the year 1954, APEC 1994. stored in 219 works of famous painters and 136 sculptures / ceramics. To enter into the Palace of this there must be special inji Head of Household presidency Bogor.



Wide 111-hectare garden was established in 1817 and is located in the Bogor Palace. Its founder Prof Dr. CG Reinwardt, Dutch botanist. In this park, there are approximately 20.0000 of the plant, which consists of various kinds of plants in and outside the country, including Orchid and cactus. Golf is also equipped with libraries, museums and labolatorium Zoology, and is one of the renowned scientific research center in the world and frequently visited by a botanist from overseas.

In the garden, there is interest or a giant corpse flower (amorphophalus Titanum Beccari), which is planted in 1912 of about 11 trees, the forest comes from Sumatra, and ditemuka by a botanist from Italy, named Beccari. Interest has 54 cm in diameter and 2.5 meters high, and purple and yellow. This garden also serves as a place of recreation and tourism, especially visited on many days and holidays. In the garden is pages, there are also graves of the wife of Thomas Stamford Raffles, Lieutenant Governor-General in the British island of Java, who served from 1811 until the year 1816, and had lived in Bogor Palace.

III. Museum of Zoology

The museum is located in the environment in Santa Barbara City was established in 1984 by Dr. J.G. Koningsberger. Here are the various collections of animals that have been preserved, including tens of thousands of species of mammals, insects, reptile, bird, fish, conch, shells, etc.. There are also ancient animal species and endangered wildlife.

IV. Herbarium Bogoriense

Located in Jalan Ir. H. Juanda, in the West Garden Raya Bogor. In stored and displayed various types of leaves and fruits that have been dried, and come from various areas in Indonesia and overseas.

V. Pustaka Bogor

Founded in 1842 in Bogor Raya Golf environment by Dutch botanist, Dr. J. Pierot. The collection around 300,000 volumes of books, 2,000 magazine titles scientific and more than 100,000 other printed matter. The collection includes books, pure science and practical, with biology, the results obtained from the exchange with scientific institutions and experts botany and biology in the world. The library collection is the most complete and well in Southeast Asia.

VI. Prasasti Batu Tulis

Prasasti written in the Java language of the ancient kings of the contents mentioned Pakuan Kingdom, Prabu Purana called off again with the name of Sri Maharaja Paduka in the years that are not clear because there is a letter that empty, so there are various kinds of interpretation This inscription is stored at the edge of the road Batutulis, Bogor, about 2 km from the city center.


Bogor Regency is located in the area bounded by North Jakarta, Tanggerang and Bekasi district, in the South region with the district of Sukabumi and Cianjur, in the East region with the District Karawang and in the region with the West Lebak.

Bogor Regency including extensive 332,635 hectares used for residential, agricultural and forestly, located on the Coordinated 106o21'-107o31 'East Longitude and 6o19'-6o47' Latitude South, with a starting altitude of 50 meters to 3,000 meters above sea level.

Bogor Regency can be reached from Jakarta through the freeway Jagorawi within 30 minutes. Meanwhile, from Bandung, Bogor Regency can be reached by four-wheeler in less than 3 hours.

Humidity air less than 40% with an average temperature of 26o C and rainfall average of 3,500 mm to 4.00 pm mm per year.

Objects and link TOUR

I. Safari Park

Safari Park in Indonesia, the clan of animals will live freely in the environment near the nature habitat.

Here we can see all the familiar behavior of wildlife and tame the amount not less than 400 tails, among others, there is a Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, the American Black Cear, Brown Bear, Zebra American, Bison, Watussi, Lamma, African Elephant and more rare animals that we can see.

Merit-owned wildlife park compared with other wildlife parks in Indonesia is we can directly see the wildlife of the vehicle that we drive, also equipped with recreational facilities that attract.

II. Hot Water Ciseeng

Located in Parung district, 26 km from the city of Bogor, can be achieved by all types of vehicles. We can travel for more than 45 minutes with a vehicle-Bogor-Maud Ciseeng.

A limestone mountain in the middle of those hot water with the sulfur content is very high which can cure various types of skin diseases.

Visitors can ascend to the top of the mountain to see the scenery and natural surroundings far from the mountain looks like snow and the areas around it can be used as camping areas.

III.Batu Tulis Ciarutuen

Prasati stone from the era king who ruled the kingdom Purnawaman Tarumanegara in the century-5 BC, is located at the edge of the river Ciaruteun, Canvey Island village, 9 km from Bogor. This inscription is written with letters Palawa speaking Sanskrit. Travel to the location by running as far as 2 km.

IV. Lido

Lido is one of the places in West Java, which is very popular with natural beauty. That extends the natural lake, surrounded by various trees and the area of rubber that makes Lido as a place of recreation that impressive, located in the village Cigombong / Wates Jaya, 21 km on the road Cimahi-Sukabumi where to spend time with only 15 minutes.

In Lido we can enjoy the beauty of the lake, canoe, fishing, swimming, camping, billiards, souvenir stalls, etc..

V. Cipanas

Many various objects that tourism in many areas visited , Cipayung, Cleland, Cipanas and peaks. Areas that have rekreasi facilities, hotels, villa, restaurant, swimming pool, where camping, etc.. Visitors also can be used as a place of conference / seminars and sports (gantole / hang gliding).

VI. Talaga Warna

Located in the Peak area and is a place of recreation. Water Color in TAlaga Warna is always changing, sometimes red, yellow or green.

Area Tourism Mount Salak Endah

Located in Kampung Lokapurna, Gunung Sari village, Kecamatan Cibungbulang. Scenery and natural beauty such as waterfalls, hot spring, and the lake queen craters and mountains can be heard natural . Facilities are available, namely bungalows and a swimming pool hot water.


Geographically, District D.T. Cianjur II, located 106o42'-107o25 'East Longitude and 6o21'-7o32' Latitude South. Cianjur in this northern borders with the Bogor Regency and the Regency Purwakarta, in the East with the Bandung and Garut regency and in the South Indian Ocean is limited.

Distance from Jakarta to Cianjur about 120 km, and can be good vehicles and general private vehicles. In the case of food Cianjur popular with tauco(food made from soybean), Pepes Ika Mas and candy and fruit and vegetables. Throughout the region this road many restaurants dish with different types of Chinese cuisine, Sea-food, and the European cuisine.

Objects and TOUR

I. City pf Cibodas

Located in the Village Cimacan, the distance from Bandung, about 85 km, is from Cianjur around 23 km. Located on the slopes of Mount Gede at the height of 1,500 m. Cool air with the average temperature 21o C and the whole area of 83 hectares. Cibodas botanical garden is built on tahun 1862 and is part of the Bogor botanical garden. Here, there are various kinds of vegetation from various countries around the world. In this place there is a parking area large enough, restourant and place ornamental plants.

II. Mount Gede Nature Reserve

Side by side with the botanical garden is located Nature Reserve of Mount Gede, Mount Gede is a series of traffic adolescents events nature lovers, with a peak at 2,928 m, at the Summit of Mount Gede is interesting that there are craters and pasture / moor covered by interest eternal / Edelweis which is a attraction for visitors. The other is the peak of the mountain Pangrango (3,019 m), Mandalawangi (3,002 m), Sukaratu (2,836 m), Gunung Dengungan (2,928 m) often visited the mountain climber. In the Nature Reserve of Mount Gede, there is Waterfall Cibereum (Curug Cibereum), bat caves, and hot water sources.

At the entrance to the Nature Reserve, there are office lighting "Wisma Love Nature".

* Cipanas Palace

Located around 17 km from the town of Cianjur. So the place is located at the foot of Mount Gede is a distance of 24 pal from Buitenzorg (Bogor), and the distance from Batavia (Jakarata) to Buitenzorg (Bogor) only by train horses in the half-day, especially Cipanas to the more remote location. But now Cipanas Palace can be reached by car within approximately 2 jam dari Jakarta, and the same time from Bandung. Palace had been used Bung Karno firs presiden of Indinesia as a place to seek inspiration preparing speeches delivered in each state on August 17. Palace is rarely used, although still well preserved, and can be visited with the general permitting special. In the Palace of accrued more than 300 fruit painting beautiful artworks painter-designer of Indonesia.


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Mount Gede And Pangrango

Mount Gede & Pangrango National Park was one of five national parks is the first time announced in Indonesia in 1980. The state of natural and unique characteristic that makes the National Park of Mount Gede-Pangrango as a natural laboratory that interest researchers since long.
Mount Gede

Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Park is a representative tropical rain forest ecosystem remaining low and the night of West Java, and is an ideal habitat for rare animals viability Java rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus) and other rare animals. There are three types of ecosystems in national parks this ecosystem that is the sea, marsh ecosystems, and land ecosystems.

Diversity of plants and animals in Ujung Kulon National Park began to recognize the researchers, experts, Dutch and English botanical year since 1820.

Java Rhino

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